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Supervision and Consultation 

Joyce Arendt offers supervision and consultation services for professionals interested in advancing their skills in play therapy and possibly becoming a Registered Play Therapy Therapist or Registered Play Therapist and Supervisor.  Joyce also provides supervision for individuals pursuing their Licensure in Social Work or a Licensed Professional Counselor.  

Joyce believes when looking for supervision or consultation it is important to seek services from someone fitting similar theoretical orientation and beliefs about therapy services.  Joyce's primary focus is on Depth Psychology methods and has been trained extensively in various models of play therapy such as Experiential Play Therapy (a client centered approach), Sand Tray Play Therapy, Filial Play Therapy and trauma models such as Somatic Experiencing and EMDR.  She is also well versed in traditional talk therapy methods such as Client Centered Therapy, Object Relations/Attachment Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectal Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic and Transactional Analysis.

Joyce offers supervision and consultation services on an individual and group basis.  Individual supervision/consultation costs $140 per hour and is available on Mondays and Fridays.  Individual supervision Tuesday through Thursday might be available if schedules coordinate.  Groups are available on Fridays.  The benefits of group supervision include one hour of individual time, one hour of group supervision per each participant and hour of Play Therapy CEU.  The cost for group supervision is $150 per person if the groups meets at Family Connections office in Minnetonka.  If the group meets outside the Family Connections office the cost is $200.  

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Business Consultation Services

Website Design

Have you considered venturing out on your own in a private practice but have no idea how to get started?  Let Joyce help you.  Joyce can provide you with valuable information on how to transition into private practice, where best to hang you shingle, how to access third party payors, ideas on how to maintain a business without accessing third party payor groups, forms and administrative services, billing and marketing.  Cost for business consulting services is $140 per hour.

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If you have a private practice and would like to draw in more clientele, why not consider adding a website to your marketing plan.  For some people creating a website is like learning a foreign language especially with the ever changing technology of smart devices.  Joyce Arendt can provide assistance in helping you develop and maintain your own website.  Joyce will establish your website and your domain name.  She will develop at least four basic pages and will provide you with the skills to manage your own website for $500.  Additional pages or subpages $75. 

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