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"Kids Do Well If They Can"

Dr. Ross Green provides an overview of his Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS) approach to addressing challenging behavior in this video, which you can access for free on the Bright and Quirky website ( Dr. Green emphasizes that children's behavioral challenges are rooted in skill deficits rather than laziness, manipulation, or a desire to drive the grownups in their lives crazy. I highly recommend taking the time to learn how to use this empathic and effective process to tackle problems. He outlines the process in his book, The Explosive Child, but he also talks you through it in a series of lectures that are available on YouTube ( Even better, Dr. Green provides tools and cheat sheets that will help you use this approach on his website ( Just look in "The Paperwork" section under the CPS Resources tab. Spending some time to learn more about this approach will be well worth it.

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